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Déjà Vu


Deja Vu, situated in the heart of Shrewsbury in the Historic Butcher Row - No.13 to be exact! Is a Preloved Designer Boutique that specialises in quality, delicious designer pieces that are so perfectly pre-loved they deserve a new home!

Our mission is to give use to the beautiful clothes and accesories, that don't get the wear they deserve (we're all guilty of it) and give them a new life in another stella brand savvy wardrobe.


HOW WE ROLL: Bring in your perfect but pre-loved Designer items and get 60% back from any items sold in your 8-week-window.

DROP IN SATURDAY: Saturday is the day to bring in your items to sell! However, as our store is only small, we are being very selective with how much quality designer goodness we take in so make sure all of your items are showstoppers before you make the trip.

You can browse, buy & enquire to sell with

Deja Vu both in store and online too!

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